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Linda Kuhli, LCSW

Has the time come for you to make positive and meaningful changes in your life that will enable you to be happier and feel more fulfilled? Psychotherapy can be helpful when you need a confidential, supportive and well trained counselor with whom to share difficult and sensitive issues. I welcome the opportunity to provide a safe and compassionate setting to explore your needs with objectivity, sensitivity and respect for your personal life circumstances and values. Most of all I am here to listen and understand.

Whether dealing with feelings or behavior patterns that are distressing within yourself or more acute difficulties or crises involving others, problems are often unexpected opportunities for long term personal growth and healing.

The Chinese proverb


suggests we often have the most to gain when facing highly challenging circumstances. I offer you guidance to expand your perspective, restore hope, resilience, and promote wise decision-making. In this process you can “become strong in the broken places,” and gain the confidence to have a more fulfilling and happier life.