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After receiving a Masters Degree at UCLA, I became a licensed psychotherapist and have had the priviledge of working with children, teens, adults and families for over 25 years in a broad range of Psychiatric, mental health, and educational settings.

In the high stress work environment  that is all too common  today,  I see many high functioning adults struggling with extremely stressful work and family circumstances.  The impact it has on their health  and daily functioning clearly demonstrates the value of a neutral compassionate  setting  where  they can feel heard and understood.  I have broad experience with discussing these challenges  and creatively exploring options.

I help adults of all ages who have unresolved grief and issues from their past,  resulting in  depression, anxiety,  anger,  relationship problems, or addictions.  Many have had limited parenting,  often children of alcoholics and narcissistic parents,  and have learned  coping patterns for adapting to others at their own  expense. 

Much of my work  focuses on supporting parents through the challenge of raising children and teens in today’s complex world.  Parenting,  with  one or more other adults in the home or another residence adds to these challenges.

Child  and Adolescent therapy is one of my areas of greatest expertise.  I have counseled youth in residential treatment centers,  therapeutic,  public and private  school settings, as well as within the context of family therapy.  These young people have come with  a broad range of behavior and  psychological problems.  Most have  problems relating to others.   Many have experiences of unresolved loss, trauma,  abuse or severe conflict in their backgrounds.  Bio-chemical  imbalances requiring medication support are common.  I enjoy serving a full range of ethnic, racial, cultural and sexual identity backgrounds with sensitivity and compassion regarding complex acculturation issues.

I have worked  extensively with  adult abusers and victims,  as well as child victims of abuse, and am committed to playing a role in breaking the victim – abuser cycle.

Throughout my career,  I have been committed  to on-going learning and training.
On a continous basis, I have served  in  teaching and consulting capacities with  a broad range of professionals - therapists,  teachers,  social service and probation officers, doctors, psychiatrists,  and  graduate students in training.