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Children and Teens

Adoption / Attachment Issues
Behavior and Impulse Control Problems
Anger, Anxiety, Mood Swings
Peer and Socialization Problems
Self Esteem, Identity Confusion
Adjustment to Separation,  Divorce  and  Family Changes
Trauma and Fearfulness


Managing Life Stressors and Difficult People
Anxiety and Depression Management
Coping with Family
Unresolved Loss, Grief and Trauma
Addiction Recovery Support
Disappointment and Disillusionment
Crisis Management
Separation, Divorce and  Co-parenting
Cross Cultural Transitions
Blocked Creativity
Gay, and Lesbian and Alternative Lifestyle Issues
Women’s Issues
Shame and Guilt

Parenting and Families

Setting Boundaries with Respect and Compassion while maintaining
     Parental Role – both with children and other adults
Effective Discipline
Dealing with Denial and Addiction
Blended Families and Family Conflict
Teen Trouble